SCHUNK Electronic Solutions sets standards!

SCHUNK is No. 1 in the world of gripping systems and clamping technology. Users around the world trust the precision, reliability, and longevity of our products. This makes us proud and spurs us on to new peak performance.

As part of our innovative family-owned company, SCHUNK Electronic Solutions is leading manufacturer of linear motor actuators that are also used for its own customized machines.

The focus in the machine area is on modern processes of production of electronic devices. Our systems and devices meet the most demanding requirements resulting from increasing miniaturization, the use of highly sensitive components, and the rising quality demands for printed circuit boards.

Our machines: fast and precise

  • Routers with manual loading and unloading
  • Fully automatic inline routers
  • Palletizers
  • Odd form placement machines

Routers from SCHUNK Electronic Solutions are high-performance process components for separating individual printed circuit boards of electronic assembly groups. The printed circuit boards are separated using end milling cutters, saws, or laser heads. The separating processes we use are especially fast, reliable, low-stress and guarantee maximum productivity and the best cutting quality.

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